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Why Snakes Make Great Pets

When many people think of getting a new pet, they’ll jump to getting a dog, a cat or maybe some fish. For some people though, the thought of having to walk a dog every day before or after work and constantly having them beg for your attention might be a bit annoying, they might not fancy having a cat knock everything off the closest ledge and they might think fish are a bit dull. Well for you lot, we give you snakes. They’re minimal effort and great conversation starters for your guests, but there’s a whole lot more that makes snakes excellent pets! Let’s dig in.

First off, they’re pretty easy to take care of in terms of diet. They’re carnivores, so they only eat meat. The main thing you’d be feeding your snake is dead mice which you can buy frozen from most pet stores. Remember to defrost the mouse and warm it slightly by placing the packet in a jug of warm water for a few minutes. The good news is that you’ll only have to feed it once a week! They’ve got a really slow metabolism and don’t do much running around as they’ve got no legs, so one meal once a week is absolutely fine for them! Make sure you’re choosing a mouse that has a thickness that matches around about the size of the middle section of your snake.

You don’t have to take them on daily walks! If you want to get it out for a cuddle or a pet or even some cute little snoot boops, feel free to do so providing they haven’t eaten in the past few days. Other than that, they’re perfectly fine just exploring their vivarium - just throw in some tree branches for them to climb on and they’ll be content just exploring and climbing.

Snakes are perfectly fine sitting in their enclosure day in, day out. If you can get this to match their natural habitat closer then they’ll love it even more. You’ll need a nice substrate for them (we use aspen bedding) and some hides. For the hides, we have one on the warm side of the tank, one on the cool side, and one in between filled with damp moss that will help them shed their skin easier, but a lot of people are fine just having one for hot and one for cold. Like we mentioned you’ll also need some tree branches for them to climb on and some decorations for them to interact with, but as long as you’ve got this as well as food and water when needed then they’re content staying home!

No grooming involved! Aside from making sure your snake is hydrated, there’s nothing else you need to do for the snake grooming process! They’ll shed their skin roughly once a month until they’re mainly fully grown. If they have any problems shedding their skin, make sure they’re well hydrated. You may need to mist them with a spray bottle if they’ve got an incomplete shed. Once you see their eyes turn blue, this is them starting the shedding process - mist them at the start of each day to help them with the process.

Snakes enjoy being handled, and the earlier on in the snake's life you get them used to being handled, the easier the process will be and they’ll be more comfortable around you. Always make sure to be gentle when handling your snake!

Those are our reasons as to why snakes make great pets. If you want to explore snake species further we recommend checking out either corn snakes or ball pythons. The term python might be a little intimidating, but ball pythons are much smaller than other breeds and are beginner friendly!

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