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17 Boredom Busters for Under $15

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Small pets quite often love to throw things around. Some of them, especially rabbits, will even attack things if you roll them towards them, much like a dog would do. There are a lot of small toys available for rabbits, usually made from some form of stick or cane that are perfect for being picked up in a bunny's mouth and thrown around.

And of course, a big part of a small animal's repertoire in particular is chewing. If your small furry friend doesn't have good toys to chew on, it will soon start chewing things it shouldn't. Obsessive chewing could also be a sign of neurosis, which could develop if your fluff ball is just plain bored with everything. This chewing instinct can be found in rabbits but also be found in smaller pets such as hamsters and guinea pigs.

Giving your furry friend something to "remodel" with will give its natural burrow building instincts a workout—and hopefully save your furniture. Cardboard boxes make excellent remodelling centres for rabbits. Tape them up, cut a couple of holes in them so the rabbit can run through, and you have a toy that the rabbit can chew to its satisfaction, not to mention run around, hide in and behind, and other fun bunny things. With all of these things in mind, we’ve found boredom busters for less than $15 that you can buy to bust your little pet’s boredom!

1 - The Activity Suspension Bridge

Coming in first is our cheapest in the list - The Activity Suspension Bridge! This is a surefire way to keep your little pet entertained whilst keeping them fit and healthy! It’s made from pet safe wood so the odd chew here and a little nibble there is absolutely fine for them, and it’s supplied with non-toxic glue that you can either use to keep it fully bound together, or without so that you can reassemble it elsewhere to keep things feeling fresh. For $5.50, we’d call that a bargain!

You can pick it up here - The Activity Suspension Bridge


The Snak Shak - a shack for snacks! But it’s not just that - this log in 100% edible and it’s also made to taste great, so you can either just place it in your pets enclosure and let them run through and play hide and seek, or you can stuff it with timothy hay and treats to let them burrow and feed inside it. It’ll stop them chewing on their bars as they’ve got something edible to gnaw at, and it’ll keep them entertained whilst also providing a little burron for them to rest in. The price is absolutely right too - just $6.99!

You can check out the Snak Shak here - The Snak Shak

3 - The See saw and Bridge combo

This is the first in the list that’s for pure playtime! Welcome to the See Saw and Bridge combo! They’re easy to assemble, simply slide the panels together like it was the most basic flat pack you’ve bought and you’re all set! Ideal for hamsters, gerbils, mice and other little furry pals, this package may be too small for several rabbit breeds. What really sealed the deal for us, is that these toys come together for only $7.99, a great deal!

If you like the look of these toys, you can find them here - The See Saw and Bridge Combo

4 - Plastic See Saw

Here’s one that's purely a boredom buster, for both your pet and for you! For $8.50 this little seesaw can be the start of their own little playground and will keep them entertained whilst also benefiting their balance and getting them some exercise!

You can pick it up here - Hamster See Saw

5 - Corner Fleece Hideaway -$8.75

Everybody loves a fort, and that’s no different in animals. In fact, the likes of rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas and hedgehogs who are often prey animals in the wild, absolutely love hiding places where they can snuggle up all cozy. And for that, we present the Fleece Hideaway. It’s really easy to set up, there’s just 3 little hangers that you can attatch to the wires on the cage. Simply install it at a level a little bit taller than your pet to give them a cozy little space for them to rest up. They can even climb up on top and use it as a hammock if you give them a way to climb, like a little ladder! For $8.75, it’ll make a nice little addition to their environment.

You can pick up the Corner Fleece Hideaway here - Corner Fleece Hideaway

6 - Hanging Hammock

Next up is the Hanging Hammock, and if you’ve ever been in a pet store with Rats or Hamsters you’ll know how much they love having a snooze in mid air. This hammock’s quite big too, measuring about 35cm by 35cm, which means even your cat will fit! It attaches quickly to the cage by clipping to the wires and has a faux wool interior making it incredibly soft and snuggly. We’re sure that when your pet’s all snuggled up for their naps they’ll agree that there’s worse ways to spend $9.16!

Check out the hanging hammock here - Hanging Hammock

7 - Wooden Hamster Slide

This is another one we chuckled at when we saw it, what a cute way to stay in shape! It’s made of wood so nibbling’s fine and assembles pretty easily. It’s ideal for the smaller of the small pets such as mice, rats and hamsters and because of its ‘L’ shape, doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. Keep your pet entertained for hours in their very own play park, for only $9.99!

You can pick this up on Amazon here - Wooden Hamster Slide

8 - The Wooden Suspension Bridge

This is another one of those products you find and think “this is perfect”. If you’ve got a tall enclosure for your fluffy friend then you need to occupy that vertical space, and what better way to do that than with a mouldable, flexible wooden ladder. You can set it up so that your hamster, guinea pig, mouse, rat, or even small rabbit can reach higher levels, or even travel from platform to platform. It’s made from hardwood sticks that are strung together with flexible metal wire, so you can bend it as you please for whatever you want to do with it. You could even just bend it into a U shape and give them a bridge to climb over or rest under! Being made from wood also means it’s safe to chew on and coming in at $9.99 it’s an absolute bargain!

You can pick up the Wooden Suspension Bridge here - Wooden Suspension Bridge

9 - The Hideaway with ladder

For anyone with rats, mice, hamsters or gerbils we fully recommend setting this up for them. Fill it with bedding and this becomes a nice little getaway for your pet, which they can access by ladder! It’s made fully from natural and sustainable materials, making it okay to chew on and it connects up easily and securely with its quick-link attachments. Coming in at $10.49, this would be a great addition to a small and fluffy’s house.

You can find the Hideaway with Ladder here - Hideaway with Ladder

10 - Apple Sticks

There should be a constant stream of sticks and twigs for your little one to nibble on. This is because unlike humans, small animals such as hamsters and rabbits’ teeth grow constantly! This makes it imperative that your furry friend gets unlimited timothy hay and wooden toys to chew on. If your pet's teeth stop grinding normally, he or she may find eating painful and starve. Not fun. So to combat this, we’ve included Apple Tree Sticks in our list. They give the health benefits for your pets dental hygiene but they’re also fun to throw around and play with. These are $10.99 for 300g and will keep your pet busy for a little while!

If you want to check out the apple tree sticks, you can find them here - Apple Sticks

11 - 3 Types of Sticks ( Apple Tree, Timothy Branch and Sweet Bamboo )

Moving on from the apple sticks, there’s also this 3 pack! By mixing and matching it keeps your pet engaged for longer as they have different textures and tastes to play with. Like we’ve said, it’s important to give your small pets something to chew on to keep their ever growing teeth in check, so if you want to shake it up a bit and offer a buffet of forest delicacies, this is a good option! Like the Apple Tree Sticks, these also come in at a reasonable $10.99.

If you want to check these out and compare, you can find them here - Sticks 3 Pack

12 - Beds and Mat

Call it OCD, but one thing that grinds our gears is how quickly the premium timothy hay we buy mixes in with the straw bedding and often gets left untouched. No more though, because we can give our rabbit their hay in their own little bowl, and even better - the bowl is also edible! In fact this deal comes with two bowls and even a mat for them to both lay on and chew! The bowls are just under 8 inches in length and the mat is around 11 inches. They’re made from woven grass which means they’re safe for consumption whether you have a rabbit, a hamster, a rat, a guinea pig or really any small and fluffy pet! Also coming in at $10.99, we think that’s a pretty good deal!

You can check them out here - Beds and Mat

13 - The Wooden Hamster play house

When we saw this we thought it was the best thing, it’s got a space to hide and sleep underneath and you can set it up to either have a ladder to climb up or have the ladder connected to another raised area. Whichever you decide to do, it’ll be a great space to exercise or a great place to nap! Also, it’s fully made of wood so that your little one can gnaw on it to their heart's content if they choose to.

It’s priced as $12.59 and you can pick it up here - Wooden Hamster Play House

14 - Fold-able Playpen

Okay this isn’t really a toy, but it can be a boredom buster if you’ve got a small animal in a cage that doesn’t get much play time. This foldable playpen is perfect for small animals and you can fill it with toys to keep them occupied, giving them a bigger space to stretch and get some exercise. It opens in seconds and folds back away just as fast, making it easy to carry and it’s also suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun! It’s just under 40cm tall and once it’s out, it’s 120cm wide, so if you’ve got something like a hamster, guinea pig or gerbil then they’ll have massive space to run around and adventure! For the boost this will give to play time, we’d say it’s well worth its price of $12.99!

You can find the Foldable playpen here - Foldable Playpen

15 - Giraffe Hammock

This is one of those products where as soon as you see it you think “yep, I want that” and its easy to see why. For just $13.79 this giraffe bed is made from plush cotton and will be sure to keep your pet absolutely snuggly inside. It comes in pink or brown and sizes of small and large, you can check out the specific measurements of them in the store listing.

You can find the Giraffe Bed here - Giraffe Bed

16 - Chew Toys Mega Pack

Welcome to the Megapack of chew toys and playthings! This pack comes with 100g of apple tree sticks, a rattan ball, a woven star toy, a heart shaped toy, a ladder, pine nuts, a roller and a swing! These toys not only bring happiness to your small animals, but also helps them keep their teeth healthy. They provide the perfect opportunity to play and work out. They’re also suitable for most small animals, such as: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, rats, birds and other small pets. For $13.99, that’s an absolute steal!

You can pick them up here - Chew Toys Mega Pack

17 - Hideout House with Slide

Another one for the smallest of small pets; hamsters, mice, rats and gerbils. All we can say about this really is we hope they also make people sized ones. Your little animal can climb up either the ladder side or if they’re feeling more athletic, there’s some handles on the other side so they can practice their rock climbing, then they can either look out on top of the house to admire their surroundings or they can slide back down and do it all again! Coming in at $14.99 we’d say it’s a great and affordable way to get your pet to move around more!

You can find the Hideout House and Slide here - Hideout House and Slide

That's it for our budget boredom busters! We'll be working with bigger budgets soon and soucting out slightly more expensive toys for you soon. Subscribe to our blog to get posted!

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