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Whether you're looking to expand your giant backyard pond or you're setting up your first ever aquarium, our in-depth Fish Blog section has you covered! 

Wondering about adding a new creature into your aquarium? Read up on our aquarium fish species recommendations to find out how to chose, introduce and care for various marine critters. We cover a range of aquarium animals including species such as snails, shrimp, crabs, clams, starfish, and much more. 

Here you can find YourPetGuides.com's Top Ten lists for starter fish, a range of which pet snails might benefit your tank, as well as in depth guides to specific species to help you care for and maintain them!

Create a stunning miniature ecosystem in your aquarium. Your Pet Guides' Fish blog has all the resources you’ll need to create, decorate and maintain a gorgeous fish tank, as well as guides on choosing and caring for aquarium fish and other aquatic creatures that will inhabit it!

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Your Pet Guides was set up to help pet owners find reliable information all in one post. We heavily research our posts and condense information we gather into a single post. If you have any ideas for other posts that you'd find helpful, please let us know!

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