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Whether you're looking to expand your giant backyard pond or you're setting up your first ever aquarium, our in-depth Fish Blog section has you covered! 

In the Fish Health section we'll cover topics to help keep your aquarium safe, your fish happy and your plants alive and thriving. We;ll also keep you posted on common illnesses and diseases, tell you how to spot signs of stress and help you decode what behaviour means and if it's health related!

Create a stunning miniature ecosystem in your aquarium. Your Pet Guides' Fish blog has all the resources you’ll need to create, decorate and maintain a gorgeous fish tank, as well as guides on choosing and caring for aquarium fish and other aquatic creatures that will inhabit it!

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Your Pet Guides was set up to help pet owners find reliable information all in one post. We heavily research our posts and condense information we gather into a single post. If you have any ideas for other posts that you'd find helpful, please let us know!

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