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Through the amphibian health section we'll have blog posts for you explaining how to keep your pet happy and healthy. We'll give you an insight into the type of home they need be it a vivarium, terrarium, tall or wide. We'll tell you about the substrates they need, the ratio of land to water they need, what to feed them, how much and how often to feed them. 

Amphibians live for longer than people new to this niche of pet ownership assume, and in that time they're likely to stumble upon some type of illness. We'll lay down a list of the most common illnesses or health concerns for your pet, and explain how to help them through it. 

Great health mostly comes from having a great life - illnesses often develop due to less than ideal living situations as well as stress, and a whole lot of them can be mitigated or avoided by taking proper care measures for your pet. To read about this, check out our care guides! 

Most of our guides will be species specific so that we can pinpoint the actual care you need rather than giving you an overview as some methods of treatment won't be effective for all species, and some species will have different illnesses to others. Have fun reading our guides and stay safe!