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Welcome to the Your Pet Guide cat blog, the purr-fect way to get informed about everything to do with your current or potential cat babies! We'er always on the prowl for what cat owners and lovers need to know to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe! As some of our staff and writers are cat owners themselves, this gives us excellent and reliable insight into your needs. Allergic to cats, but reeeeally want a cat? We've got your covered. 

Perhaps your welcoming a new cat from your local animal shelter, how do you get your home ready for your new addition to the family? We'll tell you. Or perhaps you've adopted a cat with some behaviour issues, let us help you correct them! 


Yourpetguides.com aims to help new and older cat owners make the best choices on which cat breeds they should bring into their home and what breeds get along with other animals.

If you have a question or something you like to know more about, please let us know and we’ll cover it in our cat blog. The more crazy cat people, the better–there’s always room for one more feline lover in our cat community!