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Whether you're looking to expand your giant backyard pond or you're setting up your first ever aquarium, our in-depth Fish Blog section has you covered! 

We cover all types of aquarium tanks, to a wide range of fish species or even just a cool looking list of decorations for a Halloween tank! Your Pet Guide's Fish Blog is a great spot to read up on your fish for both beginner fish enthusiasts and more experienced ones! From simple planted tanks to complicated marine environments, as well as aquarium fish and their compatibility with other species. We've even got a comprehensive guide on substrates! Dive right in to the amazing world under the sea (or aquarium water).

If you are in need for some tips and ideas on decorating your fish tank with beautiful plants, make sure to check out our Aquatic Plants guides.  In case you have a saltwater tank and want to create a unique environment for its inhabitants, Coral Reefing is definitely an option worth looking into. Reef tanks are not only great for the fish but a magnificent centrepiece for your home as well! Depending on the type of water in your tank, you will also find invaluable advice and how-to guides for Freshwater and Saltwater set ups, or useful reviews of aquarium equipment in our Fish Products section of the blog.

In the Beginner Fish Guides we'll lay out everything you need to know about starting your aquarium, explain what your options are and give you important info that you need before committing to a tank and fish. For example, did you know classic goldfish grow to over a foot long, and although when you buy them they're quite small, you'll actually need quite a large tank for them? Now you do, and you can find out more info like that in our Beginner Fish Guides!